Why I turned to the dark side and now love reading documentation…

  1. It’s reliable… (obviously) as much as we love stack overflow or some blog spots, we know it may not be information that is legitimate. So a quick fix or a quick answer might end up giving us more of a headache and more errors. So like all the greats say, take ya time and don’t rush perfection. (also paraphrasing — but we get the point).
  2. It saves time and maximizes productivity… (again obviously)… so if you weren’t paying attention before I spent WEEKS of my life looking at everything google-able(sp?) on anything and everything. Even when I would make some progress, I would read another article, delete the code I wrote and the vicious cycle would continue.
  3. It will broaden your skill set … (maybe not so obvious)… when reading documentation you are going over key terms and concepts that you may and may not already know. We know sometimes documentation isn’t always developer/human friendly so by researching these methods/concepts/terms, you are able to review everything and pick up some new tricks!

aspiring software engineer and bodycast artist. red wine addict. obsessed with vintage cars and jewelry.

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