Introducing TypeScript…

What is it?

Dynamic typing vs. Static type checking…


  • TypeScript can easily adapt to existing JavaScript files. Meaning you do not have to start using TypeScript in every file or right off the bat in a program but can gradually add it in here and there.
  • TypeScript offers all of JavaScript’s features as well as an additional layer of TypeScript type system.
  • Like we mentioned above, your existing JS code is TS so go on with loving your JavaScript language!
  • TypeScript helps predict behavior of values so we can avoid a lot of hidden errors!

How to use?

here is a simple object …
here is how we can use TypeScript, we create an interface declaration to explicitly describe this object’s shapes
now we reference our interface by using the syntax like : TypeName after a variable declaration
JS && TS support classes and object-oriented programming (my fellow react lovers can implement TS in their programs as well!)




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