Diving into Databases…

  • Query Language: NoSQL has no declarative query language while SQL is a structured query language.
  • Schema: NoSQL databases use dynamic schema for unstructured data and SQL databases have a predefined schema.
  • Ability to Scale: NoSQL databases are horizontally scalable and SQL databases are vertically scalable.
  • Variations: NoSQL has many different types which include key-value stores, document databases, and graph databases. While SQL has one type with minor variations.
  • Best Used For: NoSQL is a best used for solving data availability problems and RDBMS database is the right option for solving ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) problems.
  • Best Features: SQL has cross-platform support as well as being secure and free. NoSQL is easy to use, has high performance, and is a flexible tool.
  • Top Companies Using: SQL- Hootsuite, CircleCI, Gauges. NoSQL- Airbnb, Uber, Kickstarter.
  • Atomicity — The database transaction must completely succeed or completely fail. Partial success is not allowed.
  • Consistency — During the database transaction, the RDBMS progresses from one valid state to another. The state is never invalid.
  • Isolation — Transactions cannot compromise the integrity of other transactions by interacting with them while they are still in progress. They must occur in isolation from other clients.
  • Durability — The data related to the completed transaction will persist even in the cases of network or power outages. If a transaction fails, it will not impact the manipulated data.
  • Basically Available — The system is guaranteed to be available for querying by all users. (No isolation here)
  • Soft State — Due to the lack of immediate consistency, data values may change over time. The BASE model breaks off with the concept of a database which enforces its own consistency, delegating that responsibility to developers.
  • Eventually Consistent — The fact that BASE does not enforce immediate consistency does not mean that it never achieves it. However, until it does, data reads are still possible (even though they might not reflect the reality).
I hope after reading this you have learned a little more about databases than this guy :)



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